Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shooting Dad by Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell, the author of Shooting Dad faces the struggle of a relationship with her father due to his extreme admiration for firearms. Vowell, although allowed to voice her own opinion on politics and beliefs (she is a democrat and father is a republican) has a hard time relating to her fathers view points. She loves the arts, he loves guns. Vowell noticed even more of a seperation from her father when she watched her twin sister follow her fathers passion for guns.

Vowell remembers her experience with guns as a child. Her father taught her and her sister at the young age of 6 to hold and shoot a gun. She states that "holding the pistol made me feel small" and that guns were not for her. She describes the experience not as traumatizing but as a lesson learned.

Vowell and her father do have the same passion for "goofy projects and weired equipment." The equipment she is referring to is not a gun, but her tape recorder and microphone. And her fathers is obviously his cannon. Although they struggle with their relationship, they both have similar passions.


  1. Hi Preston,
    You summarize the story well. What do you think about it? What meaning have you gotten from it?

  2. I do agree with you and I believe that they both have differences but after all towards the end of the story they both get along.

  3. I enjoyed how you explained everything in your paragraphs. You also helped me realize that even though they are very different, they do have some what things in commen.

  4. Hey

    I agree and liked how to talked about the main points in the story. and who knew that through out everything they disagreed on, in the end they had something in common, i really liked that!


  5. Good job summarizing the essay! I completely agree with you and liked how you brought out the main themes of the story!